Fly Ultralights

Who hasn't fantasized about flying!

You can explore and enjoy this sport with total ease, as you fly in the legendary Challenger II (two-seater: pilot and passenger), known for its excellent flight performance, operational safety and extraordinary gliding capacity.
Make it your first tri-dimensional adventure!

This journey begins with a gentle ascension; you will slowly begin to feel that you blend in with the impressive landscape that appears before your eyes. A compelling force invites you to feel as light as the air you float upon.
On this itinerary, you will be able to feast on the abundant mountains and tropical humid forests that outline Ballena National Marine Park, a sanctuary for numerous animal and bird species, as well as sandy and rocky pebbly beaches, estuaries, mangroves, cliffs, rocky reefs, islands and the Tómbolo of Punta Uvita.Within minutes, you will feel totally relaxed as you are transported into a world of tranquillity, with a captivating scenic backdrop appearing before you. around 30mins  $140

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Marine Park and Mangrove Tour!

Ultralight, tours, costa ricaThis adventure begins with the Marine Park Tour. On this scenic route, you will explore Ballena National Marine Park, where the lush rainforest, extensive golden sands and the oceanic deep blue hues combine to form a visually perfect work of art, appreciated only in nature. We will fly gently south, toward an immense and undiscovered setting inhabited by an expansive mangrove forest. This unique forest is made up of peculiar trees of unrelated species with an incredible power of adaptation. The mangrove tree species have developed a certain tolerance for salt water, and their impressive aerial roots line the edges of the lagoons and estuaries. This valuable natural ecosystem is a habitat and breeding ground for a great variety of aquatic birds, in addition to myriad fish species and other marine organisms.
As you approach the mouths of Térraba and Sierpe rivers, chased by the Pacific Ocean's fresh breeze, you will discover the most extensive mangrove forest in Costa Rica. Numerous small islands, separated by a practically unexplored network of navigable canals, are part of this protected mangrove area. Only by air could you obtain such a thorough and profound vision of this majestic and unique panorama. total flight around 1hr $235

Special Tours!

Now you can create your own eco-tourism flight, choosing where you'd like to be within our established flight radius, Drake Bay, Golfo Dulce, Corcovado National Park, Manual Antonio National Park, etc. Minimum of one hour.

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